The Philosophy of Purpose

What is purpose, really? We like to think of it as a BIG goal that you deeply value. 


Purpose has played a huge role in philosophy for thousands of years, from the ancient Greek philosophers Socrates and Aristotle, to the more contemporary Nietzsche and Frankl. 


Watch this video to find out what each of these philosophers - and JOOL Health founder, Vic Strecher - have to say about the importance of purpose in life.

The Science of Purpose

Beyond the philosophical, new science is uncovering many health benefits of living a life of purpose. Watch this video to learn about some of the key findings.


If you're interested in taking a deeper dive into the research that we've used in the development of JOOL, check out our list of Supporting Evidence on the Resources page.


And if you prefer to steer clear of scientific articles, check out our Recommended Reading list.

Energy and Willpower

Living with purpose isn't always a cakewalk. We need energy and willpower to stay the course and JOOL is here to help you develop yours. 


Energy helps us do more. It's what gets us through the work day with enough zing left over to stay off the couch when we get home. 


Willpower helps us channel that energy into meaningful action - spending quality time with family, volunteering at the local community center, or pursuing a new interest for personal growth. Willpower helps give us the determination to always keep moving towards a more purposeful and rewarding life.


The Gift of 

Think managing your energy and willpower is a lost cause? Think again. It turns out there's a lot we can do to build up our energy and willpower. And it all starts with giving yourself the gift of some much needed S.P.A.C.E. 


Sleep, presence, activity, creativity and eating are important lifestyle factors that support purposeful living. JOOL will help you set and reach goals for improving your S.P.A.C.E. through one-of-a-kind insights and personalized tips in The Daily JOOL.


So, find some S.P.A.C.E. in your day because the great thing is, once you start improving S.P.A.C.E., you'll begin to harness greater energy and willpower to drive more positive change in your life.