Deep Dive Into Activity

Weaving Play Into Your Day

What’s the #1 reason you don’t work out?

Many of us “don’t have time” or are “too tired." Makes sense given our hectic, pedal to the metal modern lives. And what’s the patronizing response most often heard in response to these kinds of “excuses'?  “Make the time,” right? Not all that helpful. We can’t always make time without jeopardizing other responsibilities, but we can often work around and even within the existing structure of our already tightly scheduled days. So, let's talk about how we can realistically maintain an active lifestyle long term. This session’s mantra is move smarter not harder. It’s the smaller changes that fit into your lifestyle and priorities that’ll keep you on track.

Weaving Play Into Your Day 

With Agatha Radberger, M.D.

Why Bother Leaving the House?

Ben Saunders is a pioneering polar explorer and a record-breaking long-distance skier, covering more than 3,730 miles on foot in the polar regions since 2001. In his Ted talk Why Bother Leaving the House he discusses why it’s important for us to get out of the house and get active even though it won’t always be pleasant. We weren’t made to hull up indoors on the couch every day. No need to take up being a polar explorer, but take a page from Saunders's book: find what motivates you and get out there!


Think about your daily routine. How do you get from point A to B? Find yourself taking the elevator on autopilot? Parking as close to work as possible? Come up with one thing to optimize movement during that point A to B commute. Maybe park your car a couple blocks away from work. Or take the stairs. After a while this will be your updated autopilot. Whatever you pick try and do it three days in a row. These small changes can really to add up so that pretty soon you'll start feeling the difference.



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