Deep Dive Into Activity

The Activity Buffet

Who doesn’t like a good buffet?

So many options to choose from; take as little or as much as you like. How do you decide what to choose? Consider the ingredients? Think about your dietary restrictions and which ones you’ll enjoy the most? Deciding which activities you pursue is a lot like this. There are a lot to choose from! In Session 3, we’ll lay out some possible ingredients you can stir into your successful activity plan for the day. From there you can pick what's best and most appealing for you -- both mentally and physically. And perhaps even sprinkle in a few unusual extras into the mix to spice things up. Sound good? Let’s get started.

Audiocast: The Activity Buffet

with Agatha Radberger, M.D.


All kinds of physical activities are beneficial. Most importantly, find a type of exercise that fits your capabilities and needs. And, by all means, choose something you truly enjoy doing. Try and switch up your activities to take advantage of the differing benefits each offers. As with any buffet, sampling different flavors and textures is a good deal more interesting and satisfying than loading up on just one. Maybe your favorite combo is jogging for heart health blended with yoga for strength and flexibility. That’s a perfect pairing. Importantly, all four types of exercise (see the chart) can be tweaked and modified, based on your conditioning and appetite for exercise, and all are strongly associated with improved health and energy.

Eyes on the Prize

In her TEDx talk, Why Some People Find Exercise Harder Than Others, social psychologist Emily Balcetis discusses how “keeping your eyes on the prize” actually improves the experience and quality of exercise regardless of how in shape you are. One study found people who focused on the finish line at the end of a race saw it as 30% closer than those who were distracted by things like other people and lamp posts  along the way. These finish-focused people also thought the race was 17% easier and finished 23% faster than those who were distracted. So, having a strong goal -- and focusing like a laser on that goal -- can actually make exercising easier and improve performance. Look to this week’s challenge and try this out for yourself.


Set an activity goal you’d like to accomplish. Training for a 5K? A marathon? Wanting to feel better? Relieve some stress? Get stronger? Understanding why you want to get active and which types of activity you enjoy doing will help you stick to your goal. Now create in your mind a powerful, detailed vision of how you’ll look, feel, and act when you achieve your goal. Frame that up as your prize and focus like a laser on it. To help with that, set your goal as a personal outcome within JOOL. This way you can chart how your goal is going and gain insights into what helps and hinders your progress. And remember, it takes time to get a new habit established and setbacks are just a part of creating a more resilient you. Hold onto a positive attitude and keep your eyes on the prize!



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