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S.C.A.M.P.E.R. - Creativity’s Juicer

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Today, we’ll keep delving into the Discovery phase of creativity -- how to generate a slew of ideas and then turn those gems into even more possible solutions for your creative challenge.


Ever use a juicer? It’s messy and fun. And, if you get creative with what you’re throwing in, unexpectedly delightful results abound. Balsamic vinegar in a strawberry smoothie? Where’d that come from? Experimentation, trial and error, give and take, happy accidents -- these are some of the catapults of the Discovery phase of the creative process. S.C.A.M.P.E.R. -- Substitute, Combine, Adjust, Modify, Put (to other uses), Eliminate, and Rearrange -- has been around for a while. Alex Osborne first assembled the concepts in 1953 and Bob Elerle came up with the memorable acronym 18 years later. In the view of many, S.C.A.M.P.E.R. is a tried and true toolbox of nine broad approaches to expanding out from any early thought or idea. Listen to today’s audiocast to learn more about it.

Audiocast: S.C.A.M.P.E.R. - Creativity's Juicer

With David Rossiter

Creativity In JOOL

When you started this Deep Dive Into Creativity, you may have noticed you’re receiving more Daily JOOL tips focused on creativity. Just makes sense. Of course, you can also drill down into the Daily JOOL section of the Navigator and Request a Tip anytime you like. While you’re there, consider asking for a tip for one of the supporting behaviors and outcomes within JOOL, in particular, energy, willpower, activity, presence, and sleep – they all reinforce your ability to excel creatively.

Wondering where to go first? Creativity absolutely requires energy. The brain accounts for roughly 2% of your body weight, but uses upwards of 20% of your available glucose and oxygen. That’s amazing. Steady levels of glucose play a big role in maintaining productive energy levels so smart, healthy snacking throughout the day can really help when it comes to powering through your creative tasks. (For more, take JOOL’s Deep Dive Into Eating course).

Creativity In JOOL

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Want to explore your charting trends over time? On the Navigator, click on Timeline, choose creativity on the spinner, and then click the 3 Month tab (swipe left/right to view more of your data). Bars in blue show when you met or exceeded your current target for that day. One way to track your progress and add a little extra motivation to the mix is to try, beginning today, to make a solid wall of blue going forwards.


Today’s challenge is a simple one. By that we mean it’s simple to describe. Remember the brick from Session 2’s audiocast? Pick another object, any object. It could be anything you see lying about the house. Or your most precious possession. Or the first object you see when you flip open a magazine. Doesn’t matter. First describe your object as if you just arrived here from another planet. Don’t go crazy trying to reduce it down to its bare essence, but have fun looking at this familiar object with totally fresh eyes.


Now start to list all the possible new and original uses for this object. How can you take (or break) it apart, reassemble it, add on to it, place it into a completely different and unique environment (e.g. a medical operating room -- how would it be useful there?). How many totally new uses for your object can you come up with? Shoot for 20 or more. This is a good exercise to do as a warm up any time you’re facing a creative challenge or task. Try this exercise three days in a row whenever you need a little creativity boost.


pencil and paper

Life On Purpose, Victor J. Strecher
Zig Zag, Keith Sawyer
Thinkertoys, Michael Michalko
Cracking Creativity, Michael Michalko
Ideaspotting, Sam Harrison
The Art of Looking Sideways, Alan Fletcher
Gamestorming, Dave Gray et al (

The Accidental Creative, Todd Henry

Cards and Apps
ThinkPak, Michael Michalko (card deck)
Creative Whack Pack, Roger von Oech (app, card deck)
Brainsparker (app)

BeFocused ((iOS app)

Forest (iOS/Android app)

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