Deep Dives


What Do You Want To Work On?

JOOL Deep Dives are self-paced, online workshops designed to be used in tandem with the JOOL app. Deepen your knowledge and confidence while mastering key life skills you can use to pursue a more purposeful, connected and healthy life.

Each Deep Dive Includes:

Multiple Workshop Sessions  --   Videos and  Audiocasts

 Fun Challenges  --   Downloadable Cheat Sheets

Click on any of the links below to get started.


A master class in all things purpose. Learn how to make your purpose a central beacon in your life.


One of our most precious resources, energy fuels our future -- helping us make the most of every opportunity.


Learn how to bring consistently powerful willpower and enhanced commitment to each aspect of your life.


Revolutionary science is at the heart of this new take on how “stress” can work for you. 


Living a balanced life can be a tricky high-wire act. Learn how to flourish across all important aspects of your life.

Sleeping well is foundational to a vibrant life. If a good night’s sleep is elusive, we can help.

Living fully in the moment at home and at work is a powerful strategy for joy and success.

It’s not always easy, but consistently keeping on the move carries you a long way.

Often overlooked, original thinking and practical problem-solving are high value skills.

A fresh, practical approach to eating well. Enjoy each meal knowing it’s good for you.