Deep Dive Into Eating

Swap Meet

Your last challenge was to check out some ingredient lists and nutrition labels at home or at the market with an eye out for trans fats, salt, and added sugars. Surprised by what you found? Any luck finding alternatives for the items that didn’t pass muster? It can take time to shift your pantry around to a healthier selection of foods that you can feel truly good about eating—so no need to rush. Most lifestyle changes that last take place over time instead of all at once.


JOOL’s Deep Dive Into Eating Session #3 continues this theme of the food swap. This time, we’ll focus on fats and calories.

Audiocast: Swap Meet 

With Vic Strecher

Know what a Blue Zone is?

The term was coined by Dan Buettner and others back in 2005 to describe various sites around the world where people live well beyond the average lifespan. Some of the locations noted included: Costa Rica, Greece, Okinawa, and Sardinia, an island off the western coast of Italy. Notice anything about that list? Two of the countries are on the Mediterranean Sea. It’s been noted for decades that the diet of many countries bordering the Mediterranean is a nourishing, balanced mix of unprocessed, fresh, and healthy foods. Known simply as the Mediterranean Diet, this approach is a user-friendly, healthful approach to putting meals on the table. This chart serves up a quick intro to this diet.

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