The Science Behind JOOL

A growing body of evidence shows that the science behind JOOL has a positive impact on both our bodies and minds.

This booklet references scientific articles used in support of the

development of JOOL. We’ve provided summaries of the studies along with links to abstracts. After all, knowledge is better when it’s shared.


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Life Purpose Workbook

To help you get closer to your life purpose, we're providing you with this downloadable Life Purpose Workbook.


This workbook is an in-depth, action-oriented dive into how to write a life purpose that can inspire and motivate you to live a life grounded in what’s most important and meaningful for you.


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Kelly Services

Living with a strong sense of purpose not only brings deeper meaning to your life but it's also really good for your health. 


Introducing JOOL -- our new, purpose-driven health and well-being tool that helps you craft a powerful life purpose and then live by it every day. JOOL is your personal digital life coach, combining breakthrough science and big data to bring greater purpose, well-beingand resilience to your daily life.


To get started with JOOL, simply complete Steps 1 and 2.


If you have any questions, please review our FAQs.

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The JOOL Health Team


Introduction to JOOL

JOOL Success Stories 

Since our launch at Kelly Services in January 2018, JOOL users at Kelly Services who have charted more than 10 days, have experienced statistically significant increases in the following JOOL health factors:






Have your own success story? Click on the link below to share how JOOL has helped you live a more purposeful life and achieve your health goals.

Getting Started with JOOL

(On your mobile device)
(on the web)
Click the link below.


You will be asked to enter your Kelly Services email to verify your eligibility.
You may need to try both versions of your Kelly Services email:
Download the JOOL app.


*Requires iOS 9.0 or above

*Android 4.4 or above


Enjoy your journey!

JOOL on the


Welcome to JOOL

Vic Strecher, PhD - JOOL Health Founder and CEO

Deep Dives

In depth JOOL workshops.


Learning JOOL

JOOL's not your typical health app. Where many health-related apps tend to focus on one thing (counting steps, counting calories, etc.), JOOL is a powerful, multi-dimensional digital life coach and companion, loaded with uniquely practical tools and valuable content personalized expressly for you.


JOOL is a transformational tool that works with you to introduce greater purpose, direction, energy, willpower and enhanced overall well-being to your life. To get the most from JOOL, unlock all its features and then learn to use those features to accelerate your pursuit of all that's most important to you. 

Exploring the short video demos below is a great way to quickly learn how to master this unique, groundbreaking tool.

The Daily JOOL

Receive targeted tips and insights in the form of the Daily JOOLs. Request more or explore favorites. Science-driven change from JOOL.

(Running time: 1:06)

JOOL's Timeline feature let's you explore all your data, seek out trends and monitor your progress over time.

(Running time: 1:13)

My Outlook

"Prognostication" sounds sketchy but when it's coming from a highly personalized, data-driven predictive model, it really rocks.

(Running time: 1:28)

Are You On Target?

Goal-setting is a powerful way to amp up your motivation and focus on sustainable change. Learn how to target and then monitor your progress.

(Running time: 1:10)

What Makes You Tick?

Ever wonder how the temp or day of the week, or cloud cover, or sleep affect your day? Wonder no more. JOOL has the answers. 

(Running time: 1:04)

Getting the Most from JOOL

With this detailed overview, learn the ins and outs of the full set of JOOL features and how using JOOL can make a powerful difference in your life.

(Running time: 8:50)

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