At JOOL we're serious about positive personal transformation. Just how serious is reflected here. We want to give you all the support, tools, and information we can to help you develop the practical focus, personal insights, and momentum needed to bring lasting, positive change to your life. So, welcome to the JOOL Library. It's a one stop shop for all things JOOL and you. 


JOOL is a powerful, deep tool. Explore these brief demo videos to  become a true JOOL aficionado. Most last less than 1 minute so you can quickly learn how to get the most from JOOL.


We've created a series of in depth courses across an ever-widening range of topics. Self-paced, each course has 4 sessions with videos, audiocasts, downloads, and challenges. Take one today.


In this section of the library you'll find a host of helpful materials including JOOL workbooks, numerous videos featuring JOOL Health Founder, Vic Strecher, along with lots of recommended reading.