Mastering JOOL

JOOL is a transformational tool that works with you to introduce greater purpose, direction, energy, willpower and enhanced overall well-being to your life. To get the most from JOOL, unlock all its features and then learn to use those features to accelerate your pursuit of all that's most important to you. 

Exploring the short video demos below is a great way to quickly learn how to master this unique, groundbreaking tool.

Getting the Most from JOOL
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With this detailed overview, learn the ins and outs of the full set of JOOL features and how using JOOL can make a powerful difference in your life. (Running time: 7:05)
Purpose Composer and Core Values
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Receive targeted tips and insights in the form of the Daily JOOLs. Request more or explore favorites. Science-driven change from JOOL. 

(Running time: 2:20)

The Daily JOOL
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JOOL helps you connect with your core values -- a powerful way to increase your motivation while reducing your resistance to positive change. Core values are also key to writing a meaningful and inspiring Life Purpose. Get started writing yours.  

(Running time: 1:04)

Things To Do
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Wondering what to do next in JOOL? Things To Do is an ever-changing suggestion box of knowledge to explore and experiences to take on and complete. 

(Running time: 1:15)

Tip Charting
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Tip Charting is your check-in, check-off tool for consistently following up on JOOL tips you're trying. Introduce powerful consistency to your positive change. 

(Running time: 0:56)

What Makes You Tick?
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Ever wonder how the temp or day of the week, or cloud cover, or sleep affect your day? Wonder no more. JOOL has the answers. (Running time: 1:13)

My Outlook
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"Prognostication" sounds sketchy but when it's coming from a highly personalized, data-driven predictive model, it really rocks.(Running time: 1:37)

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JOOL's Timeline feature let's you explore all your data, seek out trends and monitor your progress over time. (Running time: 1:21)

Personal Outcomes
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JOOL features powerful advanced technology and predictive modeling that you can use to lend you insights about any aspect of your life. (Running time: 1:05)