As you've probably gathered by now, JOOL wasn't created in a vacuum. JOOL is part of a sea change in how psychologists, physicians, organizations, and individuals are coming to understand what "health" truly is. Beyond the limited focus of dealing with illness and disease once they occur, this new approach is about committing to living the healthiest life possible -- across all aspects of your life -- each day, every day. This new focus on what can we do right now to enrich and optimize our overall well-being is what drives JOOL. 

To help support your experience in improving the quality and richness of your life, we've assembled a range of resources for you to explore, however, and whenever you like. 

The Science Behind JOOL

Life Purpose Workbook

A growing body of evidence shows that the science behind JOOL has a positive impact on both our bodies and minds.

This booklet references scientific articles used in support of the

development of JOOL. We’ve provided summaries of the studies along with links to abstracts. After all, knowledge is better when it’s shared.


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To help you get closer to your life purpose, we're providing you with this downloadable Life Purpose Workbook.


This workbook is an in-depth, action-oriented dive into how to write a life purpose that can inspire and motivate you to live a life grounded in what’s most important and meaningful for you.


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Life purpose workbook cover

Recommended Reading

Life On Purpose - How Living For What Matters Most Changes Everything, Vic Strecher

On Purpose - Lessons In Life and Health From The Frog,
The Dung Beetle, and Julia
, Vic Strecher

The Telomere Effect, Elizabeth Blackburn and Elissa Epel

The Upside of StressKelly McGonigal


The Willpower Instinct, Kelly McGonigal


Willpower, Roy Baumeister and John Tierney


Mindfulness, A Practical Guide To Awakening,
Joseph Goldstein


Waking Up - A Guide To Spirituality Without Religion,
Sam Harris


Man’s Search For Meaning, Viktor E. Frankl


VB6 - Eat Vegan Before 6:00 To Lose Weight and Restore Your Health For Good, Mark Bittman

Eat Move Sleep - How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes, Tom Rath

Death, Todd May


Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy - The Harvard Medical School Guide To Healthy Eating, Walter C. Willett, MD


No Sweat, Michelle Segar


Smarts and Stamina - The Busy Person’s Guide to Optimal Health and Performance,
Marie-Josee Shaar and Kathryn Britton


59 Seconds - Think a Little, Change a Lot, Richard Wiseman


Zig Zag: The Surprising Path To Greater Creativity,
Keith Sawyer

Recommended Apps


  • Fitbit

  • Sleep Cycle

  • Naturespace


  • 10% Happier

  • Headspace

  • Insight Timer

  • Calm

  • Noisli


  • Fitbit

  • Runkeeper

  • MapMyWalk


  • Whack Pack

  • 53 Paper

  • Roller Journal

  • Brainsparker

  • Unstuck (iPad only)


  • MyFitness Pal

  • Noom Coach