Deep Dive Into Sleep

Sun Salutation, Full Moon

Remember that roommate who blasted music at 7AM? Or maybe it was that roommate who stayed out (hopefully at the library...) until 1AM then came home, flipped on all the lights, and banged around the kitchen? We can always be considerate but we can’t change when we naturally feel ready for the day and when we’re done with it. Trying to change natural habits is possible but very hard to do. You’re a lot better off working with your body instead of against it, saving your energy for more important things. Listen to today’s audiocast to find out how.

What Kind of Bird Are You? 

with Vic Strecher

Don’t Get Zoned Out

Circadian rhythms are tied with the “solar day” or light throughout the day. Let's say you take an afternoon flight from North America to Paris. When you arrive, morning’s breaking while it’s still the middle of the night back home. This can be very confusing to both mind and body and is the reason we experience jet lag. Your circadian rhythm can and will adjust to your new environment, but it generally takes some time. Two handy tips for a more rapid adjustment to a radically different time zone are: 1) Wherever you are, when it’s morning, turn your face to the sun (eyes-closed please) and let the bright light help reset your internal clock; 2) If you arrive exhausted after an overnight flight, try and stay up till bedtime (local time) rolls around. This will help shorten the adjustment time over the next few days.

Cue The Sandman

Did you have a bedtime routine when you were a kid? Maybe you put on your PJs, brushed your teeth, and read a bedtime story. As adults we don’t always let ourselves have this wind down routine but we really should. How we act tells our brain what to expect. Doing the same thing before bed every night tells your brain, “Hey it's almost time to sleep. Calm down.” So, by the time you’re tucked in, your mind should be almost ready for sleep. Reading until you feel your eyelids drooping should be part of this routine. Reading draws your mind away from your own worries and isn’t as actively stimulating as watching TV.

CHALLENGE #3 Tweet or Hoo

First, take this quiz to find out if you’re an owl or lark. Then think about your daily schedule. Are there any ways you could shift things around to optimize your prime productivity time?  Maybe change up when you work out?  Block off certain times for working without distractions?  Whatever works for you. This can help make it easier to accomplish your goals.



The Head Trip, Jeff Warren

Smarts and Stamina by Marie-Josee Shaar and Kathryn Britton

Eat Move Sleep - How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes, Tom Rath


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