Sooner or later everyone has a variation of the following question cross their mind: “What am I here for?” It’s a question we return to again and again, and pursuing our own version of an answer has proven to be one of the great and satisfying adventures life has to offer. For many, the answer boils down to living with purpose and JOOL is designed to help each of us do precisely that.


The concept and value of purposeful living—first spoken about by Aristotle—has been around for millennia. But with our modern lives increasingly fragmented; with instant gratification the new on-demand norm; and authentic interpersonal connections increasingly fleeting—a return to greater purpose reintroduces meaning and focus into our lives.


And now for the kicker: Breakthroughs in science are revealing that having a strong purpose is truly good for your health.


Welcome to JOOL. It's your purpose in a pocket.

The JOOL App

A return to greater purpose reintroduces meaning, focus, and enhanced well-being into our lives.

Every day you use JOOL you receive a new Daily JOOL message that's designed to help you maximize your S.P.A.C.E., energy and willpower. Over time, the messages become more personalized as JOOL gets to know you better.

The Daily JOOL

A personalized “What if…” calculator for exploring which factors most impact your energy and willpower. Everyone’s personal model is different so use this tool to find out what moves you most. 

What Makes You Tick?

Receive a prediction of your energy and willpower levels for the coming day. Use this unique tool to look ahead and then make adjustments to offset low, or maximize high, predicted levels.

Tomorrow's Outlook

Your JOOL experience deepens over time, so stick with it for a while. These features of the app need 5, 10 and 15 more days of charting (recording your energy, willpower and S.P.A.C.E.) to know enough about you to provide you with valuable, personal insights. Unlock all the JOOL Navigator tools to experience the full JOOL effect. It only takes 30 seconds per day, so why not?

  • Chart Daily (if possible) - The more you chart, the more data JOOL has to work with—and that means better insights and more accurate forecasts. Miss a few days? No big deal. Pick up where you left off. The main thing is: keep charting!

  • Setting Targets - Targets in JOOL are like goals for improving your S.P.A.C.E. Set a target that’s above your current 5-day average (the dotted line circle) and try and hit or exceed that every day. We’ll be serving up Daily JOOL tips to help.

Getting The Most From JOOL

  • Get Edgy - You may find yourself hanging out in the middle when you Chart Your Day. JOOL can develop a more refined personal model for you if you use the full up and down range for each of the input sliders. 

  • Commit To Change - Change takes time…and commitment. Right up front, make a commitment to consistently follow through and then tell someone you love about it. Ask for their encouragement and support. And use the First 20 Days Checklist to keep yourself on track.

  • Unlock The Full App - Many apps want you to do an in-app purchase to unlock features. With JOOL, the only cost is just a little of your time each day. Chart each day to open up all the gifts JOOL has to offer.

  • What Makes You Tick? has a bunch of fancy algorithms working behind the scenes to help you get the most bang out of JOOL. Pick a factor in the dropdown…say creativity. Move the slider up and down to see the impact of more or less creativity on your energy and willpower. Does your energy go up when you’re being more creative? How about your willpower?

  • Checking Your Alignment - Every day, JOOL asks you to think about how aligned you’ve been with the 4 elements of your purpose. The closer you move your anchor to each of the 4 ports, the more aligned and in touch you've been. Checking in regularly with your alignment is a great way to keep your purpose front and center in your mind, your daily decision-making and your actions.

Setting goals and then tracking your progress working towards those goals is a powerful tool for change. JOOL let's you set targets for your S.P.A.C.E. (sleep, presence, activity, creativity, and eating) and then helps you track your success.

Are You On Target?

Key Features

Getting To Know You

JOOL brings together groundbreaking science and technology to help you identify your core personal values, write a life purpose, and then build up the stores of energy and willpower you’ll need to achieve that purpose. Use JOOL daily (it takes about 30 seconds) to create a one-of-a-kind, personal “insight engine” that will help keep you energized and motivated.


With JOOL, you’ll learn which factors—for instance sleep, day of the week, temperature, or activity level—most impact your energy and willpower and how you can optimize those factors to live with greater purpose and improved well-being.